Facebook is Going Out of Style Because You Want Privacy

In news that is kinda, surprising Facebook apparently is worried about you sharing or should I say not sharing your personal posts. It’s no wonder with all the douchebaggery that goes on Facebook today. It’s kind of like a daycare with disco lights and an LED screen. Grown adults are not going to share personal information on Facebook anymore because of the amount of trolls AKA young teenage kids and no life having adults on Facebook.

There are also other activists as well as media groups such as writing agencies and media production companies that are having their basic freedoms that our constitution rights in the United States of America denied to them. For example, a writing company that writes about cannabis cannot advertise on Facebook or promote posts because they happen to write for the cannabis industry. Pharmaceutical companies are said to have their hands so far up the executives at Facebook’s rear end you can see blue gloves moving when they open their mouth.

Facebook openly promotes drinking, tobacco use, and prescription medications but will deny whoever they want whenever they want. Facebook it’s no surprise the shocking truth is you are going out of style. People aren’t going to share personal information when they know you’re collecting it selling it and even worse you have to deal with the opinions of every douchebag kid or a person who doesn’t agree with you on the planet. Why don’t you share some personal information Facebook.

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