Fallout 4 May Have Caused a Fallout in Siberia for A Local Russian Man

Today people like to blame everything in life on somebody else it seems. Every day in the news you hear the stories of how somebody did something to somebody else, and it’s always somebody else’s fault. This is no different, and it is almost shocking that people have sunk into this all-time low.


The video game Fallout 4 is a notoriously popular game that many gamers simply love. Some gamers apparently love Fallout 4 a little too much. This is the case for a 28-year-old gentleman that apparently was addicted to the hit video game on his computer. This twist was that it was a 28-year-old Russian man who lived in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk.


This man spent a total of three weeks nonstop on his computer playing Fallout 4. This led to him not going to work which resulted in him being fired and his wife leaving him due to this. He is suing the game maker of Fallout 4 for $7,000 and other assets. The gentlemen’s claim goes even further as to blame Bethesda Game Studios for him missing meals, losing sleep and the overall deterioration of his health. Now if this is an extremely absurd I don’t know what is. I mean how can you get so consumed in playing a video game that you forget to live life for three weeks straight.


Perhaps losing his job and wife are a valuable learning lesson. On the other hand, Siberia doesn’t sound like an exactly festive place to live so perhaps you might just forget to go outside and to perform your normal routine like working and being a husband. I wonder if there was vodka involved?

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