Fire Ants Can Kill Like They Did Here

The shocking truth is when you think you’re safe you could be in the most danger of all. This is exactly what happened to an Alabama woman who was planning her mother’s funeral of all things. Bless this poor lady’s soul. At 29 years old Katelyn Rowland was killed by fire ants.

Kaelyn’s mother had passed away the day before, and she was on the telephone making arrangements for her mother’s funeral. Unfortunately, for Kaelyn, she was standing on a bale of hay, and that’s where it all went wrong. Before she knew it, fire ants had started attacking her. She was bitten multiple times on her feet and ankles. The fire ant stings or bites ended up taking the life of this twenty-nine-year-old mother of two. Some would say they ask the question who’s to blame? If you ask me, it has to do with foreign trade policy.

This poor mother would still be here with her husband and children if we were not importing products from Brazil. Importing products from other countries brings dangerous and deadly insects to America. Fire ants are native to Brazil, not the United States. Approximately 80 years ago fire ants made their Voyage on a cargo ship from Brazil to the United States. The shocking truth is now they’re here to kill.

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