First Lady Nancy Reagan Has Gone to Be With Ronald in Heaven

In shocking news that has left the nation a little saddened, former President Ronald Reagan’s wife Nancy Reagan passed away at the age of 94 years old. Nancy Reagan life was a great one, and she was a beautiful and a sharp looking lady. Over the years, Nancy Reagan had many different accomplishments. Though she was not the type of individual, who wanted to dwell on her achievements.

She was the kind of individual who encouraged others to just be good. Nancy Reagan will be missed. She was living in Bel Air at the time she passed. Her health has been deteriorating over the recent years. Being that she was almost 95 years old that is expected. The official cause of her passing was congestive heart failure. She passed away in her home it is now heading to see her husband. It was no secret that she was, in fact, the real President of the United States.

There was even a time when Ronald Reagan was being asked a very hardened question during his presidency and apparently was baffled. Nancy Reagan whispered the answer to him which was “we’re doing the best we can.” She was also notorious for telling him who she thought was and wasn’t loyal and who should and shouldn’t be around. Go figure Mr. Reagan, you were always waiting on a woman.


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