Flint Michigan Could Come to Your Town Unless We Change Things

Shocking news out of Michigan is that political leaders there put profiting above the people. Actually, this isn’t too shocking of news anymore it seems to be a daily occurrence with our political leaders. They back their own private personal agendas as well as lobbying supporters while abandoning the people. The Flint Water Crisis is a prime example of just this. The greedy individuals who pocketed money over this ordeal will basically get away with this.
Meanwhile, hard-working American citizens in which these individuals were supposed to represent suffer the consequences of being poisoned in their own homes by their own government. There’s something extremely wrong with this!

This is not how our government was intended to be ran! There are even laws put in place to prevent this from happening. Our politicians and political leaders have turned into bullies. People do not believe that they have the power to remove these individuals. These individuals will also take sometimes months even years to be successfully removed due to the way we have allowed process to happen.

Should we want change in our world then we as a collective group of individuals need to make sure that it happens. The Flint Water Crisis could happen anywhere in our country with the way our political leaders are today. Let’s work together to prevent this from happening as well as fix the problem in Michigan. Let’s use this as a learning lesson and prevent this horrible atrocity from happening to people elsewhere. The shocking news will be when these political individuals lose their position due to their carelessness and disregard for the American people.

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