Flying High or High While Flying

Cheyenne Wyoming is the home of Warren Air Force Base. This is a nuclear missile base which is part of the Air Force Global Strike Command. Recently 14 Airmen have been suspended and are currently under investigation for drug use. It is not clear as to what kind of drugs these individuals are accused of using as of this time. It was stated however the investigation created broader concerns.

Concerns that the nuclear force that watches over America has become demoralized after the Cold War has been over for so long. Many are guessing since Cheyenne is located almost on the Colorado state line that these Airmen were not just flying high they were getting high. However, it is more conceivable that being in the United States military these individuals were sharing prescription drugs or cocaine.

Those seem to be the choice recreational pastimes for military and political figures. Should we be worried that the individuals guarding three of the most powerful nuclear missiles and our arsenal are all on drugs? Maybe, maybe not.

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