Food Stamp Recipients May Soon Have to Work or Volunteer Their Time

The shocking truth people across the United States of America are pissed off. That’s right they just found out that states across America are moving towards an effort to restore work requirements when it comes to obtaining food stamps. This means that if you receive Food Stamps and sit at home all day and do nothing you will no longer be able to do this. You will have to get up and contribute to society through volunteer work if you are not working in order to receive this benefit.

This pisses off many people who sit around and do nothing all month long while drawing hundreds of dollars sometimes even $1,000 or better in food stamp benefits alone. These individuals are going to have to stop playing video games, stop playing Candy Crush and secret Island Quest; they’re going to have to actually get up and contribute. Not all individuals are pissed off about this surprisingly, though.

The shocking truth is there are many people who want to work but just cannot find jobs due to their circumstances. These individuals find more fulfillment in volunteering their time in return for food stamp benefits. Not only do these individuals have a more fulfilled feeling they also create a stronger social connection with the community by helping to contribute with volunteer work. The shocking truth is they might be on to something by requiring food stamp recipients to work or volunteer in order to receive their benefits.


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