For 3 Million Dollars You Can Live Forever in an Android


Have you ever wanted to live forever? The answer to that question for some of us is yes while others say no. Who would want to live forever, growing old and watching all your other loved ones around you pass away? What if you could live forever and not feel pain or sickness as we know it? Do you happen to have an extra 3 million dollars laying around? If so then you can live forever, well not you but your consciousness can live on way past when your body goes.


They say the body is a vessel and that the mind is eternal. Our DNA is handed down genetically from one generation to another as a form of preservation of human life. Through this preservation evolution, occurs and individuals take on different characteristics and features from the previous DNA of their parents. This creates an ancestry line. Now for three million dollars you can have an Android version of yourself created with your consciousness uploaded to it. In an essence it’s transcendence. This is not a movie folks this is for real. You can check this out for yourself below.



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