For Dessert We Have a 13 Foot Snake

A group of diners got to see a scary treat when a man whipped out a snake and exposed it to everyone in the diner. Men and women alike took off running when they saw how big his snake was. The size of his snake was abnormal and people are not used to seeing a snake this big while they’re trying to eat. The snake were talking about of course is a giant python. In fact it is a 13 foot python that managed to scare out the patrons in an LA sushi restaurant.

Drake Madison was the officer who arrived on the scene. Apparently a man had gotten into an argument with an employee that worked in the sushi restaurant. Not too long after the argument the man returned and simply whipped his snake out in the restaurant and left. Needless to say, when you throw a 13 foot python into the sushi restaurant in Downtown LA it is very easy to clear the place.

This man and his gruesome snake were so frightening that nobody knows who he was. I don’t think I would tell on the guy who threw out a 13 foot python either. After all it’s not every day you see a man with a 13-foot snake. He is also not the kind of individual you would want to have on your bad side which is my guess why nobody knows who he is. Very rarely can you walk into a restaurant and somebody not know you.

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