For True Nutrition- Grow Your Own Food and Raise Your Own Meat

The shocking truth about the foods we eat is they are killing you. While science confirms and holds to the theory that our food is evolving to taste better and become healthier and more nutritious the truth fact is our food has less nutritional value than it did 50 years ago. This is why our foods are vitamin fortified and have added extra minerals. These things that may seem like they are good for us are actually not.

Many things that our body is supposed to take in naturally come to our body to the form of being bioavailable. When we try to take supplements to replace these natural items we end up doing more harm to ourselves than good. These supplements tend to build up in the system and cause all kinds of problems and health conditions. It’s big money for those who support the evil reign of vitamins and a healthy diet.

The true way to a healthy diet is too much for many people. This involves growing your own food or going to a farmer who grows food naturally. The food you’re eating is killing you every day. The more you eat, the shorter life you live. It’ll also rob you of mobility and help make the time you do have here not so enjoyable. All you have to do is change what you eat to live a happier, healthier, longer, life and that’s shouldn’t be the shocking truth.

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