Forget the Chupacabra, Watch Out for Politicalcabra

Politicalcabra is a dangerous and deadly mythological beasts that have started showing its face around the globe. The frightfulness these individuals emanate from themselves bring humanity trembling to their knees. This once thought to be urban legend has been spotted feeding on innocent people. The Politicalcabra in particularly loves to feed on the weak and poor. This makes the sick, elderly, and those who are not financially fortunate prime victims.

The shocking truth is these urban legends are in fact real and have been living amongst us preying on the innocent for decades. They will stop at nothing until they have devoured every ounce of not only your pride but your soul as well. They are soulless, heartless creatures who cared nothing for humanity, the environment, or humankind itself. The only thing this living demon crave’s is material possessions and financial securities.

Often be on devouring the soul of its victims it also drains them financially in every way possible. These horrible creatures have been known to even outright steal from the weak and poor. If you see a Politicalcabra run and hide. They will start by asking you for a small donation or contribution and then finish off by devouring your soul and ambitions. In case, you’re wondering what a Politicalcabra looks like you are in luck. You will find many of them on the presidential campaign starting with the man Donald Trump himself.


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