Four Feet of Lucky Rabbits


Everybody knows that are rabbit foot is lucky well for everybody except  the rabbit. If you are one of those individuals who believes in the lucky rabbit foot why not get four of these lucky rabbit feet? Make that four feet of rabbit. Apparently giant rabbits are great pets just in case you didn’t know. A rabbit named Darius who is 4 foot tall and looks like something that might go mutant and decide to eat you apparently is a great pet according to Annette Edwards. The rabbit’s name is Jeff. Jeff has a partner that is equally as big named Darius.


Giant rabbits look pretty cool to be honest with you however they can be a handful to take care of from what I understand. If you’re looking to be the talk of the town and you want to woo any woman or man you meet in your life,  perhaps you might consider a four-foot rabbit as your next choice for a pet.



On average these giant rabbits live an estimated 8 years. This year if you want to have a real life Easter Bunny perhaps you can find an owner of one of these giant rabbits and have them at your next Easter party. Talk about surprising the kids on Easter Sunday!

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