France May Ban Alcohol Because of Violence

The shocking truth is alcohol may be great to consume, and you may feel wonderful and have a great time but many times this intoxicant leads to violence and sometimes even assault. In shocking news, France is looking to ban alcohol after a shocking scene of chaos and violence erupted at the Euro 2016 festivities. The opening days of this ceremony led to an outright disturbance of alcohol-fed violence.

Fans clash after the UEFA EURO 2016 Group B match between England and Russia at Stade Velodrome on June 11, 2016 in Marseille, France

Individuals that witnessed the first-hand scene claim that there were hundreds of Russian supporters at the games many in which were disguised as England supporters who stormed the stadium and started to randomly beat and fight with others in the crowd. Many of these individuals were also wielding baseball bats in which they also used during the attacks. Some witnesses also claimed that they had knives pulled on them as well as other weapons. The attacks resulted in several people being injured, but luckily no one was killed in this bout of violence.

England fans chant as they drink in a bar ahead of the England v Russia game

The shocking truth is if we would hurry up and legalize cannabis around the world many people would choose not to drink alcohol and things like this could be avoided without taking the right to drink away from people who do it responsibly. The shocking truth is some people just shouldn’t be allowed to drink.


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