Frogs on the Run Insisting They Are Not Prince Charmings

The shocking truth is when you pick that rock up to look for the frog underneath in hopes of finding your prince you may have to look a little harder nowadays! That’s because frogs are tired of being chased down and kissed by you grody girls. Silly girls, frogs will not turn into a prince when you kiss them. In fact, some frogs have to seek therapy after being kissed by girls.

Who’s going to pay for frog therapy? Surely not the girls who kissed the frog causing this horrific trauma. Imagine if frogs ran around kissing women. You know that there would be a hit squad executing them. Frogs don’t go around executing girls that kiss them. Instead, they have taken a new tactic to where they live. Instead of living under rocks they have now moved into the damn things to stay away from girls. Frogs that want to be kissed will be jumping around right in front of you.

If the frog is jumping around in front of you, that does not give you consent to kiss and can be considered an amphibian sexual crime and a delegation will have to be formed to represent these frogs in court. The next time you kiss a frog against its will, you may just end up in a lawsuit. The best advice is to stop looking under rocks trying to find your prince charming, and that’s the shocking truth.


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