From Convict to Model Thanks to Pretty Blue Eyes

Apparently some strong cheekbones and pretty blue eyes and a nice smile is all you need to turn a felony arms conviction into a modeling career. The internet went viral when the mugshot of Jeremy Meeks was blasted across it. Teenage girls everywhere wet their panties while soccer moms through their bras around their antennas and made way to spread their bodies to him within the masses.

The world stopped what they were doing, and everyone just wanted to sleep with this amazingly gorgeous man. It didn’t matter that he had felonies. It did not matter that he was possessed illegal weapons. Possibly who knows what kind of horrible things the world was all okay with all thanks to his blue eyes.

He gets out of jail and is in a halfway house trying to ease back into society after serving a two-year prison stint. He is already lined up with unlimited amount of work and has many different agents wanting to work with him. I bet every convict wishes they were as cute as Mr.Meeks when he got out of jail.


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