Gettin It Froggy Style- The New Way Frogs Do It

The shocking truth is if you have ever thought your job sucked perhaps you should get a job doing what some folks get to do such as studying how frogs f***. That’s right evidently this is a highly researched topic.

Mating Frog

Until recently researchers had discovered that frogs typically mate in one of six different positions. A recent discovery though has shocked the scientific community when researchers discovered that a certain form of night frogx actually do it a different way.

(A–E) Sequence of breeding behaviour in Nyctibatrachus humayuni; (F–G) Egg development.

Not sure what is more shocking about this story. The fact that someone studies how frogs get it on or the fact that these creatures are creative enough to get it on in several different ways. I know humans that can’t even be more creative than the missionary position so big props to the frogs for gettin it on froggy style however that may be.

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