Ghost Lights Are Costing Me How Much


Ghost lights are real, they can be seen, and they are stealing your electricity. That’s right in a conspiracy to take your hard-earned dollars and sense out of your pocket companies in the factors that added little LED lights to just about everything. From computers to air-condition plug-ins. I mean why do I need to have a green LED light that lights up my entire room on the end of an AC wall unit?

There’s only one reason so that it can steal power from a jack-up my power bill. I don’t need to know that it’s plugged in I’m assuming that when I plug it in it’s plugged in. Since when do we have to have lights on items to let us know that they are plugged into electricity. It used to be plug in the cord it was enough common sense to let you know the item has power going to it. DVD players, cable boxes, computer modems and all kinds of other devices have little LED lights that are the little ghost so to say.


These little ghosts sneak their way into your bank account every day without you seeing them. Imagine if you turned all those lights off the amount of money, you would save. Imagine the amount of electricity and energy that could be conserved. Those lights are very real, and the shocking truth is they cost you tens and hundreds of dollars each month depending on how many you have in your home.

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