Ghost of Cat Thought Long Gone Lurking on the Capital Grounds

Legend has it that there is a black cat that haunts the grounds of the nation’s capital. This black cat commonly referred to as the DemonCat is said to have predicted the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. This cat supposedly shows up on the eve of major disasters in the capital so theorists believe that the DemonCat will show up again later this year before the presidential election.

This cat is believed to be the ghost of a cat obtained and placed in the basement tunnels of the Capital buildings to help control rats but never left. Many believe his ghosts live in the crypt that was originally built for George Washington’s burial place. Stories surrounding this cat include things such as a security guard having a heart attack and dying after seeing it, and that it turns into the size of a giant tiger. This only occurs though supposedly when the cat is alerted to a pending disaster, or catastrophe.

The cat was reportedly seen the night before the assassinations of both Abe Lincoln and JFK. Could this black cat be why almost every president has chosen to have a dog on premises during their terms? It’s hard to say but what we do know is that it’s kind of creepy and we can expect to see it again soon as the disastrous presidential election nears.

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