Giant Asteroid Heading Towards Earth on Christmas Eve


This Christmas Eve while Santa is making his rounds, he better have an extra eye out for air traffic. Beyond the many airplanes, satellites, weather balloons, and other dangers lurking in the sky Santa now has to watch out for an enormous asteroid. This asteroid won’t actually hit Santa Claus, but it could cause him to run into something if he’s not prepared to see it.

This brilliantly named asteroid 2003 SD220 or 163899 passes close to Earth on Christmas Eve. Apparently those in the UK will have a full sky that night with the asteroid, the International Space Station, and Santa’s sleigh all in the sky at the same time. The asteroid is said to be about 1.5 miles wide or an estimated 2 kilometers. This asteroid does not threaten life on earth as we know it.


We’re All Still Safe

This asteroid won’t threaten life on Earth as we know it, this time. It’s passing by at a distance of 11 million kilometers or 6.8 million miles away. If you have a high powered radio telescope, you will be able to view this asteroid. 2003 SD220 will not be able to observed by the naked eye or a light telescope but is sure to be a sight for anyone who has the technology to view it live.

So, this time, the asteroid is going to fly safely by, however the slightest little bump or gravitational pull could change the course of this booger. I mean it could happen. Another asteroid could bump into it. It could get caught by some extreme rare gravitational field of a star planet. It could be shot through a wormhole on a radiation wave due to a solar flare. Or even worse Elon Musk and Jose Canseco could get a hold of it!


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