GIANT Human Remains Found Years Ago

The shocking truth is that a group of Miners in Bridal Veil California located the remains of a giant human skeleton years ago and the story was kept from the public just like the alien crash in Roswell. The United States government has worked with governments around the world to formulate a history that they want you to know. This is so they can control your spending habits and ultimately profit from everything you do. Controlling you is the most important factor of all.


When they lose control, they lose everything. For this reason, history is shaped through books and school to their liking. Take for example the video below where you can watch an almost hour-long documentary that showcases multiple discoveries of giant human skeletal remains around the globe. Many of these remains correlate two statues from Mayan, Aztec, and Egyptian times. The shocking truth is the history that you know is not history the way it happened.

Image result for x files

Ask yourself if you believe everything you hear? Do you really believe that the word of man is not twisted and turned in order to profit the few while controlling the many? The TV series X-Files was so popular for saying the truth is out there if only we open our eyes to see it.


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