Give Up Your Guns America You Can Trust Your Government To Take Care of You


Get ready to lose your guns America! The next civil war is coming, and this is part of the reason. Even the Constitution of the United States of America was set so that we would have the right to bear arms as US citizens. When you disarm the people, it makes for a very easy takeover. Many believe that martial law is but a few short steps away and that the government has been planning for this takeover for some time now. The purchasing of millions of hollow point rounds of ammunition, thousands of armored vehicles, thousands of crematory urns, as well as thousands of no hesitation targets has questions being asked by many.


The civil war that the United States will experience this time will not be a war based on race instead this will be a war based on the opinion of political viewpoint. It will be the rich taking over those who don’t want to be working for them and those who don’t want to be controlled standing against them. The United States of America will experience a war that will know no colors, sexes, or religions. This is the opinion of many individuals out there. You can clearly see the growing concern with the increase in bug out shelters and off grid living. Off grid living and the ability to be self-sustainable is becoming increasingly popular within society today. This is a society that is no longer trusting the government that has been controlling them for years. Could this all be true?  Who’s to say but it sure gives you something to think about!

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”
– Thomas Jefferson, letter to James Madison, January 30, 1787


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