Global Warming Could Cause Earth to Tilt on Axis

The Earth seems to be getting warmer and warmer every year. Scientists around the world along with meteorologists are using the word global warming all the time. The average person hears global warming and agrees that yes our planet is getting hotter and doesn’t seem that there is any relief in sight. In fact each year since 1880 the global average temperature has risen over 1.4 degrees on average.

Each year it seems something is more peculiar about our weather. Less rain, warm where it should be cool, snow in places where there shouldn’t be. These types of things are leading up to a major life-changing event on our planet. Scientists at NASA will confirm that the melting sheets of ice are displacing the weight of water on our planet. This displacement of water on our planet is also causing Earth to wobble around on its axis like a drunk person.

This may not worry some people, but those with any shred of common sense will know this can send our planet in one of two ways. Either it will continue to get hotter and hotter as predicted or a new Ice Age will form reshaping the continents. I’m pushing more towards the truth behind the day after tomorrow and a combination of 2012.

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