Global Warming Might Cause a Squirrel Attack


There is an epidemic that hears an unanswered cry. It is is happening all across our country, and it is affecting tens of thousands if not millions. The problem that I speak about is overweight and obese squirrels! That’s right folks the unusually warm winter weather and global climate change have led to the squirrels having an abundance of food and becoming obese. These overweight squirrels are becoming unhealthy and demanding food.


As food supplies start to dwindle and run out, the squirrels have been reported to have gone as far as running out in front of cars to steer unsuspected drivers into ditches. Upon the vehicles crashing, bands of squirrels are raiding the vehicles for food. Environmental impacts affect every form of life and in ways unimaginable.


The squirrel population is abundant and though they may be cute from a distance should they decide to rise and attack we would be in for a big surprise. An army of hungry flesh-eating squirrels could take over the world if we don’t do something about our environmental issues at hand. Go Green help save the planet and be careful feeding the squirrels this winter.

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