Goatman is Real? WTF


Goatman has been an icon in popular culture since the 1950s. People tell stories of a half goat, half man creature that roams the woods. Many people also associate goatman with paranormal or superstitious activities.

Goatman was first seen in Maryland. The credibility of all of the pictures is very cloudy. Some of these pictures have been proven fakes, while others still seem believable even under today’s scrutiny.

The sceptics say that all of these sightings are just pranks by people trying to get into the spotlight. The people who believe or who have seen goatman take this very serious. Some of them have even passed a lie detector test stating that goatman is real and that they have seen him.

A ghost hunter named J. Nathan Couch wrote a novel about this mysterious creature titles “Goatman: Flesh or Folklore?” He covers the history of goatman and sightings of the creature for the past 65 years.

According to legend, goatman can rip people in half without any difficulty. He can also travel at alarming speed. The truth may not be know right now whether goatman is real or not. We are providing you with some evidence so that you can make the call whether to believe this or not.

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