Going Big Places With Small Things

The shocking truth is life here on Earth as we know it is it is going to change. We have to find new ways to gather resources, and that will mean looking to other places. Especially when it comes to water. This is one of an essential resources of all on our planet. Unfortunately, we have wasted and destroyed this natural resource to the point it is almost depleted.

This means the places we have to look are going to be out of this world. Space exploration comes with a high price tag. After years of debating on how to cut costs, it is rumored that a nine-year-old boy simply said why don’t you just cut everything in half by sending small people. At first, the remark just got laughs and giggles and tossed off to the side.

When no one could figure out a solution, the remark became a serious contemplation. From that remark and contemplation, he mini space shuttle was born. It’s half the size of a normal space shuttle, costs only half as much and uses only half as much fuel and requires half as many supplies. It’s rumored that the space shuttle has very small people piloting it.


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