Goodbye Smartphone Hello RF Tags and Paper

The shocking truth is soon you may not need a mobile device such as a smartphone or a computer to connect to the internet. The truth is the future holds connectivity in a manner in which we have never seen but only dreamed of. A team of researchers have developed a way to connect everyday items to the internet. When I say everyday items, I am referring to things such as a simple piece of paper.

In this polling application a student can pick a response on a worksheet and receive live

That’s right soon utilizing a standard piece of notebook paper and RFID tags you will be able to connect to the internet and surf the web. The team of computer science researchers and engineering doctoral students at the University of Washington along with researchers from Disney Research and Carnegie Mellon have created a way to attach the small radio frequency tags onto paper and allow them to communicate through sensors in real time.

Tagging paper to make it "smart"

Special algorithms programmed into these RF tags will allow for simple movements of the hand to register and produce a digital response. The shocking truth is all the great technologies that you have seen in movies such as Star Wars Star Trek and Avatar over the years are starting to become a reality.

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