Google Maps Led to a Big Mistake – Home Demolished

Technology can be your best friend at times and at other times it can be your worst enemy. Well in this shocking truth technology was the enemy. Thanks to a mishap by Google Maps that led a demolition to her house rather than the house they should have arrived at.  This issue resulted in the wrong house being demolished.


Could you imagine how shocked you would be to come home to your house having been demolished? The demolition crew assured that proper validation procedures were followed Somehow, though, they did not check to make sure they had the right address, just that they were on a corner lot and that there was in fact tornado damage. It’s simply shocking how something like that could be overlooked.


So the question now is who is responsible for this issue? Should Google have to take responsibility or should it have been the responsibility of the demolition company? The issue is still being investigated at this time but one thing is for sure, and that is you can never fully trust technology!

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