Google Will Kick Your A$$

Sometimes shocking news is truly shocking, other times it is straight out of Hollywood. Have you ever seen the movie War Inc? It had to do with private corporations running wars around the world. That’s right, in an essence, it was private vigilante groups that worked for corporations in order to maintain balance by basically demonstrating authority across third world countries across the globe.

This is more than just something out of the movie as we recently learned. Hillary Clinton, the United States presidential hopeful had received an email from Jared Cohen that outlined Googles plan to map defectors in the Assad Regime and to hand over ownership of the tool used in doing so to network Al-Jazeera. The email also supposedly revealed that the network would ensure that the information found its way to Syria.

Now when it comes to Hillary Clinton and emails, we all know the shocking truth is you really can’t believe anything that comes out of that woman’s mouth.  The fact that she’s running for president of United States of America while being investigated by the FBI or the federal bureau of investigation is a ridiculous and absurd statement as to the character of individuals running for the presidency in our country. After all the emails scandals attached to this woman, I wouldn’t believe anything that is said by her or leaked through her party.

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