Granny Turns 100 and You’ll Never Believe What She Did to Celebrate


It’s your birthday it’s your birthday you’re going to party like it’s your birthday! What are you going to do for your birthday when you turn 100? Would skydiving and swimming with sharks sound like a way to spend your 100th birthday? Well if your name was Georgina Harwood then the answer is yes.


This thrill-seeking great grandma is an adrenaline junkie to the extreme! When she turned 92 years old she decided she was going to skydive for the very first time. That’s right 92 years old and she went skydiving! Of course she didn’t jump alone she did a tandem jump with a trained professional but you have to see this to believe it!


The party doesn’t stop there because  just a few days after her birthday she will be scuba diving with sharks! We all hope, that should we make it to a hundred years old, we have the vigor and love of life to live it the way that Georgina Hardwood has! Happy birthday to an amazing adrenaline junkie great grandma!

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