Graphic Content – Woman Spitting Blood Fighting Devilish Possession

Many of us of felt as if there was a demon inside of us at one time or another. Typically this feeling comes from aggravation, stress, or just pure anger. This typically is felt when one feels like they could seriously just go out and rip someone’s head off with their bare hands. Luckily many of us choose not to act upon these feelings. Luckily many of us have also not been actually possessed by a demon.

Shocking: The upsetting video, which was uploaded on to social media, shows the woman writhing on the ground and struggling with the supposed demon

This is not the case though or so it would seem for the woman in the video below that is being exercised of demonic possession. You can see in the video that she is enduring pain and is spitting blood while appearing to fight with this demon inside of her. Towards the end of the video, you can see the woman has calmed down, and it would seem as if whatever ceremony is being performed that it was successful in ridding this woman from the evil demon like possession that had taken control of her body.

We do not have any definitive answer as to who this lady is, where the film was recorded or exactly when this happened. Based on the surroundings and the content of the video though many believe that it was filmed in Latin America where the devil is part of their faith and exorcisms are on the rise.


Check out the video here.

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