Guns + Drunk People in a Public Entity is Not a Good Combo Mr.Trump

This shocking truth with all joking aside is that if Donald Trump is elected as the President of the United States this November, we as a nation are well… F*&^ed.  With the recent attack that occurred in Orlando, it seems that everyone is now an expert on what gun laws should be in the country and everyone is willing to share their opinion, including Presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Being that he is running for the office of President his views on guns should be something everyone pays attention to if gun control/gun laws are an issue they are concerned with.

Evidently Mr. Trump believes that if the people within the Pulse nightclub would have been armed, this massacre would have not have occurred to the magnitude in which it did. He believes that people going to a nightclub or bar should be able to carry guns. He believes that these individuals should be able to go into bars and get drunk while carrying a firearm. ARE YOU SERIOUS MR.TRUMP? Do you really think that a bunch of drunk people should be hanging out in a place with firearms?

Do you really think that guns and drunk people are a good combination? I definitely do not and neither did representatives of the NRA. Well folks if you are one that believes everyone should be able to have a gun and go where they want, when they want while in possession of said guns than you should vote for Donald Trump.

If you are someone who thinks there should be stricter background checks prior to being able to purchase guns and a little common sense surrounding where they are and where they aren’t allowed to be then you should vote smart and not vote for Trump.

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