Hack Confirms Someone Gets Paid to Dig Up Dirt on Presidential Candidates

Have you ever thought that when it comes to presidential elections that there may be a team of people somewhere just trying to dig up dirt on their opponents? If you have good for you for knowing the truth. If you haven’t, you might be shocked to learn that this is, in fact, something that occurs, and we now have definitive proof. Thanks to an alleged Russian hacker a 200-page opposition research book was just released after being stolen from the Democratic National Committee.

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This opposition research book contains detailed information on how the party plans to attack Donald Trump in the coming months to ensure that their candidate is elected. The report had hinted that they would be revising the allegations of rape against his ex-wife along with other dirty secrets that had been dug on the Trump.

What many people are wondering though is why hasn’t somebody been able to hack in and recover all of those missing emails from Hillary Clinton. The shocking truth is this probably wasn’t a Russian hacker at all. 9 times out of 10 it is all part of the DNC bigger plan to annihilate Donald Trump from the election in the coming months.

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