Having a Pet is Kind of Like LSD Without the Hallucinations

The shocking truth about pet owners is they tend to live longer than people who hate pets. Individuals who have pets are shown to not only live longer, but they have happier lives. The joy of a pet brings a certain amount of pleasure that is essentially good for the soul. The smile of a dog, cat, fish, bird, or whatever other form of pet, the happy response they receive from that pet is priceless.

Companies and doctors have been working for decades to try to mimic this response in a synthetic pill form but have never been able to successfully manufacture anything remotely close. The last time they even came close at all was in the late fifties and early nineteen-sixties when they developed LSD. Unfortunately, the euphoric feeling of LSD is uncontrollable and can lead to intense hallucinations amongst many other problems. Kittens and puppies two of the most popular pets produce a feeling that no drug can.

A warm feeling of happiness takes over individuals who love pets. A certain type of person takes very good care of their pets and in return their pets take very good care of them. A symbiotic long happy relationship between animal and human helps to create happiness and longevity of life. If you have a pet, spend a little extra time with them when you can. That time could give you an extended amount of time here on Earth, and that’s the shocking truth.


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