Healthcare Isn’t Always Healthy

The shocking truth is the vaccinations and the services that you are receiving from your healthcare provider nine times out of 10 are going to do more harm to you then they will good. There have been many stories and studies released over the past several years regarding the negative implications of vaccinations. In shocking news coming from the national AIDS organization, we have learned that in the past 18 months almost 2,500 individuals have actually been infected with the HIV in India.

This wasn’t a result of vaccinations however but brother due to blood transfusions. This, however, is still a shocking truth as our Healthcare Providers are the ones that we entrust to protect us and take care of our health and in most cases they are causing more harm to us than they are good. If you go back into history just over a hundred years ago there was not a pharmacy on every corner filled with synthetic chemical made drugs. What you will find were doctors and healthcare providers that were fluent in herbal medications that have effectively work to cure and prevent diseases for thousands of years.

The truth is between the natural aspects that are on our planet and the natural functions of our body we have the ability to fight off diseases better than what we can with lab-made synthetic drugs. The shocking truth is our bodies are not made to be filled with these foreign substances, and these can be plainly seen by simply looking at the healthcare of people around the world as it continually declines on a daily basis.


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