Heartbreak on the Campaign Trail

In the shocking news that is gripping the nation, a love affair between two lovers has come to an end. Donald Trump and Chris Christie have parted ways on a sour note. Donald Trump hated to have to do this, but he had to call Chris Christie out. This evidently shows the character of Chris Christie that we all knew he displayed so vibrantly. The character of a man who leaves his state behind to be a groupie on the Donald Trump campaign trail.

Chris Christie deserves the humiliation that he received and tenfold to come. He is evidently displayed that he has no place in a political office. The statue of character displayed by Donald Trump and his outlandishly crazed tactics are equally distasteful. A president of the United States of America is supposed to have dignity and conduct themselves with class at all times.

They are an example and a representation of America itself. If Donald Trump is the representation of what America has become, then I fear for us all. Chris Christie and Donald Trump, will their love affair be rekindled? It most likely could because birds of a feather flock together! Political campaigning stunts for attention are all too common by those who cannot get the attention by doing it truthfully and honestly. The shocking truth is we’re even allowing individuals like this to run for president of what once was a great country and still has the potential to be one!

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