Hillary and Donald Need to Take a Cruise to the

The Bermuda Triangle is said to be the captor of Souls. It has captivated and captured thousands for many of years. Until recently there was no great idea for something that could be done with the Bermuda Triangle or in fact what was actually causing the disappearances. With the recent political race for the presidency in the United States of America, the Bermuda Triangle has finally been given a great purpose.

It is the hopes of millions of Americans across the nation that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will accept the opportunity to go aboard a special luxury yacht cruise filled with big pharma executives, alcohol and tobacco companies, the Correctional Corporation of America, and other notorious contributors. Should Donald Trump and or Hillary Clinton be willing to go on this cruise they will get an all-expense-paid trip with the biggest lobbying contributors on the planet.

The trick is not letting them know that this trip is going to go straight through the heart of the Bermuda Triangle and should it make it, it’s going to come straight back to the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. Look at it this way if we can send both Hillary and Donald back and forth through the Bermuda Triangle twice then it will be a proven fact that they are both aliens able to navigate the waters of their homelands with the greatest of ease.

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