Holidays Aren’t About the Stuff

In news that is not shocking the world but seems to be like shocking news, department stores are already putting out Christmas supplies. That’s right; Easter is here, and now you can already buy Christmas stuff too. They skipped right past Christmas in July and figured why not do it in Spring. There’s a rumor that certain department stores have everything you can imagine already out. Easter stuff, Valentine’s Day stuff, St. Patrick’s Day stuff, Christmas stuff, and even Halloween stuff. They keep it stocked all the year round selling every holiday every day.


When did we allow such rooted holidays to be taken over by departments stores and stuff? When did holidays turn into how much money you can spend to out do the next person? Why do corporations feel that they have to suck every living dollar out of everything that they can? I can tell you why. It’s because we let them, and we buy their crap. Could you imagine if we all just quit buying it?


If we actually went back to the simple way of celebrating like just simply spending time with loved ones, friends and family? We would become closer as families and communities and in the meantime, we would help to quit making the rich even richer.

Holidays are not about the money you spend or the decorations that you put up around your house. Holidays are about appreciating what you have, celebrating what you have and sharing time with those that mean the most to you in your life.

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