Hollywood is Trying to Prepare Us

The shocking truth about Hollywood is they tell the truth most of the time! Movies are supposed to be made for entertainment but if you pay attention to them they expose an eminent danger. This is one of the proportional environmental disasters. These disasters will claim tens of millions of lives and change the course of humanity.

Although this does sound like a new movie that is coming out in Hollywood. With movies like 2012, San Andreas, Twister, and other phenomena movies, Hollywood is doing nothing more than building up the world and trying to prepare people for the inevitable doom that is to come. Our planet is warming each year, and this is a fact. Our oceans are becoming more polluted and toxic than ever before in the past.

Our rivers, lakes, and streams are drying up and disappearing to be gone forever. Our trees are dying and our air is turning to poison. These are not scary plots in the latest Hollywood Blockbuster. No, my friends, this is happening right now all around the world. If you didn’t know now, you do. The next time Hollywood puts out a major natural disaster Blockbuster be sure to keep your eye on the hidden story and the tips on how to survive. It may be the key to your survival, and that’s the shocking truth!


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