Hot Damn That is Some Hot Hot Sauce

Not only apparently does GE bring good things to life they also bring hot sauce alive too. As if hot sauces today weren’t already hot enough the scientists at GE outdone themselves when it comes to developing the hottest hot sauce known as Absolute hot AKA 10^32, Kelvin. This crazy insane hot sauce comes in a silicon carbide container. The same type of container that is used in many of GE Manufacturing areas that calls for silicon carbide elements.

These are all part of GE Ceramic Matrix Composites. GE made a valid point when they brought up a complicated process of explaining thermodynamics combined with life science. If you wanted to get your hands on one of these bottles of Absolut Hot Sauce which is the hottest hot sauce imaginable you’re out of luck unless you win one. They were only 1,000 made and they have all sold out. GE is a marketing genius that is known for making everything from jet engines all the way down to washing machines and everything in between. This extremely hot, hot sauce is made from the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers and the Carolina Reaper pepper.

The shocking truth is if you actually do decide that you’re going to eat this you may want to also have a toilet that’s made out of silicon carbide that can withstand the damage that will be done to it only hours after ingesting this intensely insane hot substance. When GE makes a hot sauce that has to be encased in jet engine material you know that s***’s hot.

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