How Hollywood is Predicting the Future

Have you ever wondered how it is Hollywood knows just how to play on what people know and do? For example in the movie 2012 when they said that everybody knows somebody in Wisconsin it almost seems this is true. Even in the middle of Colorado as I sit in a field at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, a small U-Haul truck pulling a car pulls up and guess where they’re from. That’s right, Wisconsin.

Now this may not seem strange to some but being that I lived there for eight years myself I find it completely odd to meet somebody else from Wisconsin in this random little field. Maybe Hollywood knows something. Perhaps movies that are made today are produced by aliens who know the outcome of the planet. Whatever weird forces behind depicting the outcomes of humanity through the cinematography of Hollywood it is a strange one.

Movies will captivate people making them laugh, cry, smile, and more. Movies can even arouse you. Kind of odd how we know something that does not affect us directly gets to us so much. Perhaps this is just yet another tool the aliens will use to help take over the planet.

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