How One Giant Got Her Hair Scrunchies Repoed

The shocking truth is banks will do anything and everything when it comes time to collect on their debts. It doesn’t matter who you are rich or poor, big or small. Banks will take anything and everything they possibly can and make it theirs. Sometimes they even show off about it.

Recently a giant that lives in an undisclosed area fell behind on mortgage payments. While times are hard on Giants, this female Giant in particularly was having issues because she was enormous. So not being able to have access to Affordable Health Care and other issues drove the poor giant bankrupt.


There is reportedly a go fund me set up for this giant to help her regain her life that was taken by the bank. The bank took everything she owned even her hair scrunchie collection. What kind of cruel individual would take a girls hair scrunchie collection? Reportedly the bank that allegedly did this repo stuck the hair scrunchie collection outside of their facility as a work of art representing a tree.


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