How the He&& Would You Hail this Taxi?

The shocking truth is for those who grew up thinking that the future would hold flying cars and transportation like we have never seen before the future is finally here. MSN recently published an article stating that flying taxes will be soon coming to Las Vegas. A Chinese drone manufacturer is testing a drone taxi later this year in Nevada. This taxi would be able to carry an individual at speeds of 63 miles per hour and could sustain travel for 23 minutes.

If testing succeeds this new helicopter-like drones will be the new norm in taxi transportation in the state. These drone taxis look like something straight out of an episode of The Jetsons. If these are implemented into the Nevada State Department of Transportation it will be the first step to a new realm in how we travel within inner cities. This technology could offer many pros and cons to those living in areas where they are available.

The shocking truth is many of the technologies and inventions that only seemed like something out of a Star Wars movie a few years ago are now becoming reality, and that is a shocking truth. I just want to know, how the hell would you hail this taxi?

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