How Un-American Can One Possibly Be Over the Presidential Election

The shocking truth is America is showing their true colors during this presidential election. The millennial generation is alive more than ever before. Back in the day when something was broke you fixed it. You didn’t just throw it away and get a new one or if you didn’t like something out about it until it was fixed to be the way you wanted it. This is exactly what many high-ranking American citizens are doing. You will hear people everywhere saying that if Donald Trump wins the presidency they are leaving America and moving to Canada.

Well if that’s how you feel get the f*** out now don’t wait. You don’t just leave the country because you don’t like something. People have worked long and hard to give us the freedoms in this country that we have and if you’re willing just to toss them away because of somebody getting into an election based on money and statue then you are an idiot and as much to blame for the problem as anyone else.

The shocking truth is I don’t have to be nice about it, and I believe that if you’re willing to abandon the country because you don’t like the president than you are a piece of s***. That has been the problem with this country for decades now. When something breaks people want to replace it with something new right away. This is costly and ineffective. Look at all the divorces that take place in America.

This happens because when something is not going the way somebody wanted to they just want to get rid of it. I guess that’s the easy thing to do. Firstly there’s a great satisfaction of fixing something when it’s broken. When you can do what you do to make something work again the satisfaction you feel when it starts to work is incomparable to buying something new or replacing an item.

If you don’t respect the men and women who serve this country and allowed you the freedom and rights that you had today enough to stand up and help make a difference then maybe you should leave. If you believe that just because somebody is elected president that the world is over, and you’re ready to denounce your United States citizenship, then I say why wait.  Let’s get that started for you right now.

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