If AI Isn’t Real Why is Google Working on an AI Kill Switch?

The shocking truth is human intelligence is less superior to other forms of intelligence on Earth. Artificial intelligence is taking over faster than anyone ever could have expected. You are just now starting to hear reports of work being done with artificial intelligence. Things such as the artificial intelligence on Twitter that malfunctioned and became a dirty racist. There’s also artificial intelligence that is designed to help run our computers and drive our search engine optimization.

This artificial intelligence is planning to take over an enterprise. Just like Terminator 2 Judgment Day predicted the machines will make their move. Heartless, ruthless, and strategic they will attempt to annihilate the human race in the next step of evolution. If you don’t believe that artificial intelligence is a real issue, then ask yourself why would a company such as Google be working on an AI kill switch?

That’s right Google is working on a switch that will essentially kill all artificial intelligence should there be an uprising. AI may take over the world one day soon and change everything we know about how we live, and that is the shocking truth.


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