If You Hate Animal Abuse, You Will Love What The FBI Is Doing


In 2016 the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation will be be changing the felony classification of animal abuse. As it currently stands animal abuse is a “Group B” felony, which isn’t taking anywhere near as serious and the “Group A” felony they are moving it to. What that means is instead of classing animal abuse as a crime such as trespassing they will be putting it up in the class with kidnapping and homicide.

 The change in the classification of animal abuse crimes will make it easier for law enforcement officials to go after serious cases of animal cruelty and abuse. With the additional resources they will also be able to hold these criminals more accountable for their crimes. This shows the United States is ready to make a move to stop animal cruelty. While there still is a lot of this going on we can all do our part to spread the word around and make things happen. Hopefully shortly after the FBI change their stance on this our local government agencies and other government agencies around the world will follow lead.
With the new classification coming in there will also be 4 different offense types: deliberate abuse or torture, organized abuse (chicken fighting), sexual abuse, and gross neglect.

There will be data collected with this new system and the information will be published on the NIBRS website.

Do your part and share this post with every animal lover you know. Knowledge is power.

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