If You Hate Trump You Will Love Gary Johnson- Check Out This Video

The shocking truth is if you are not familiar with an individual by the name of Gary Johnson you my friend must live under a rock. Gary Johnson, in my opinion, is exactly what we need in politics. When asked about his stance on Donald Trump, Gary Johnson came out and just said what he was feeling. He said he thinks Donald Trump is a pussy.

He also believes that smoking weed won’t make you stupid. This man has two incredible points of views going for him in my book. When it comes to throwing out insults, Gary Johnson didn’t just called Trump a pussy he truly meant it. Gary Johnson has climbed Mount Everest, is an Iron Man competitor, a long-distance cyclist, a marathon runner, and has managed to climb seven other summits beyond Mount Everest each on a different continent.

Let’s see just how Donald Trump retaliates to being called a pussy by Gary Johnson. Trump had no problems in tearing into Mark Rubio for making fun of Donald Trump’s fingers and the shocking truth is it will probably be an interesting rhetoric.

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