If You Have Done This Once, You’re Probably Gifted Too

The shocking truth is that people are really gifted! Just about everybody today has a smartphone or computer that they use to go on Facebook to catch up with family and friends. Some go on there to prowl and snoop on others. Some just like to share their life. One thing is for sure, though. Chances are you have watched at least one video on Facebook. Even a bit stranger is studies show that you most likely watch videos from time to time with the sound down.

Now would this make much since to watch a video with the sound down? However, people still do this. Maybe it is because the human mind is a vast an intricate system that can decipher and pick up on what’s being said without having to hear it. By watching body language and motions combined with reactions and emotional states, can help give a person a perception of what is going on without hearing a word.

If you think I’m crazy just look at this example. Look at a Mime. They are able to get across many different emotions and feelings without as much as saying a single word. This is all due to the amazing quantum super-computer called your mind and that my friends is the shocking truth!

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