If You Take the Money Away We’re Basically All the Same

In some pretty weird news if you happen to have a couple of million dollars laying around you can do more than create a 3D image of yourself like Tupac at the Coachella you can have an Android version of yourself, made. Yes, the Android version of you is sponsored by the Russian Project 2045 and does exist. This just goes to show you some of the outlandish things you can do with money.

Have you seen some of the shocking motorhomes that are available if you have an unlimited amount of money? There’s one called the Excalibur which is extremely outlandish! What about the Mega Yachts around the world that are multi-billion dollar yachts that well surpasses what somebody needs. Is it selfish of these individuals to live like this?



Perhaps to the point of view of some, it is while others believe this is what life is all about. Personally, I long for the day when the world stops revolving around money and can move to a higher evolution. If you look at the wastefulness of people today, society has no hope for the future. We consume and waste more water than imaginable; we work for money to spend on things that we really don’t need. Then for the most part, we seem to have forgotten the direction of life.


Maybe the finer things and life and the pursuit of happiness is where it’s at for some but for me, I would just like to see the world come together in a more harmonic form of humanity. The shocking truth is if you take all the money away we’re not too different.

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