I’ll Take this BMW and Trade You Food Stamps

Sometimes the shocking truth is people are just plain stupid. In Florida the state is full of people who are half sun-baked rather than half baked. Many individuals in this state live vicariously beyond their means in order to keep up with the Florida image and lifestyle. Recently a man was arrested in Florida by the Martin County Sheriff’s Office. His name was Nicholas Jackson and he was arrested and charged with the crime of grand theft Auto.

No I’m not talking about the video game I’m talking about the actual charge of grand theft auto where you try to steal a car and get arrested and go to jail. Jackson went into a Pompano Beach BMW dealer and tried to purchase a $60,000 BMW using his state food stamp card. When they told him no, he decided he would return the following night and steal not only the car, he attempted to buy with a food stamp card but the keys to more than 60 other cars and trucks. Police found this moron in a stolen vehicle when the vehicle ran out of gasoline.

The dumb dumb said he couldn’t afford to fill the tank with gas. Thankfully no more food stamp benefits will be going to this moron.

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