Imagine a Future With No Cheese

There’s some freakishly scary news floating around in the air these days. We have heard that the planet is running out of water and life as we know it will soon change. The future holds insects for dinner. The thought of eating freaking crawly bugs is not all that appealing to some of us. There are those individuals who were thinking about taking to outer space.

One scary factor and one that we must remember is if we no longer can water our cattle we will lose cheese! Without cheese, the world would not be the same! There would be no such thing as nachos! What good with tortilla chips be without Nacho cheese! It would be no cheese curds no quesadillas, no cheeseburgers, nothing with cheese at all! A world without cheese will bring us to our knees and make us say please. Please more cheese that is. So if you’re one of those individuals who doesn’t take much concerned into the environment I bet you’re most likely one of those individuals who loves cheese on everything!

Extra cheese on your pizza, extra cheese on your burgers, extra cheese on your nachos, and extra cheese on your chili cheese hot dogs. If you love cheese as much as I love cheese, then please help save the environment by conserving water! The average American does not need to use 100 gallons a day in water! Change our ways before we run out of cheese, please!

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